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Halloween is approaching fast and it's time to start planning what your kids will wear trick or treating. If it were up to the kids - they would have the latest character Wholeslae Plus Size Swimwear that will send your wallet into hiding. Well here's a creative solution to help save you and other families you know a bunch of money.

It's called a Halloween Costume Swap Party.

Now don't get worried - I'm not talking anything complicated or fancy. Just a simple get together where families can swap costumes.

Let's face it kids grow fast! You buy them a Halloween Sexy Pirates Costume one year and the next year it's too small. If you're lucky you can get 2 years out of a costume or maybe hand it down to a smaller child. Plus the price of costumes have gone up dramatically in recent years. Most thrift stores sell costumes for $5 or more and retail stores sell them for $14.99 and up. It's not unusual to find children's Halloween costumes costing $39.99 each. Ouch!

Here's how the costume swap party works.

1. Decide on a location. You can use your home, ask your church to use one of their rooms, even someone's back yard (weather permitting), etc. Any place large enough to hold a group of people and all the costumes.

2. Tell a bunch of moms you know. Create a simple flyer and hand it out at your child's preschool, elementary school, church, playdates, mom groups, neighbors, etc. The more families involved the better the selection for everyone. If you only have a few people participating make sure the kids are all about the same size - so everyone gets a new costume in return.


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